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Daily Affirmations - Who I am in Christ

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Start each day with these powerful affirmations from God's Word. 

No longer will you doubt God's love, goodness or provision. These 10+ daily affirmations will remind that you are loved, blessed, complete and so much more. 

Each affirmation is based on a specific Bible verse that reminds you of God's truth. Use your daily affirmation cards to remind you of how dearly loved and cherished you are.

What's included

1 set of 10+ affirmation cards (with Bible references)

Plus you also get a Bonus:

You also get an extra set of 10+ affirmation cards (without Bible references)

Choose which set suits you best!

How to Use Your Daily Affirmation Cards

Print your affirmation cards and cut to size. 

Choose one affirmation to repeat each day. You can repeat the same affirmation each day for a week or choose a different affirmation each day.

Use your bonus cards (without the Bible references) as a memory card to help you recall where each affirmation is taken from in the Bible. 

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Daily Affirmations - Who I am in Christ

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